Revija za socijalnu politiku, Svezak 30, Br. 3 (2023)

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Social Entrepreneurship Education at Croatian Universities

Andreja Toplek, Irena Konecki, Kristina Detelj


The paper aims to examine how social entrepreneurship education (SEE) is implemented at Croatian universities. The research was conducted through in-depth interviews with five professors who teach the Social Entrepreneurship course or a related one that covers this topic. The undertaken research identified the dominant themes within the content of the analysed courses, the teaching techniques used, and the target competencies of SEE. The comparison of the results with SEE in other countries resulted in three opportunities for the development of the analysed courses: (1) emphasizing the importance of social enterprise scaling and local adaptation of existing social innovations; (2) greater use of service learning; (3) more significant focus on sales skills and financial management with an emphasis on new sources of financing aimed at social enterprises. The results will help policy creators support the recommended improvements of the SEE at Croatian universities.

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Revija za socijalnu politiku (Online). ISSN: 1845-6014